The New Approach in the Industry in Mexico: Soft Landing and Near Shoring

In the midst of the growing complexity of the global economic landscape, it is crucial to understand the changes and opportunities that are emerging. In this context, an interesting concept is capturing the attention of companies worldwide: Near Shoring and Soft Landing. But what exactly do they mean, and how do they affect the industry?

What are Near Shoring and Soft Landing?

To understand these terms, it’s essential to consider the current context. With the free trade agreements in place between the United States, Canada, and Mexico, along with the challenges brought on by the pandemic, many companies have begun to reconsider the location of their operations. Near Shoring refers to relocating the production and supply of companies closer to the final market, in this case, the United States. On the other hand, Soft Landing involves facilitating this transition by providing comprehensive support and advice to companies looking to establish themselves in a new country, such as Mexico.

Why is it relevant now?

The pandemic exposed the vulnerability of global supply chains. Disruptions in the production and transportation of goods highlighted the need for closer and more secure alternatives. In this scenario, Mexico has become an attractive option for U.S. companies looking to reduce risks and delivery times.

Mexico’s role in Near Shoring and Soft Landing

Mexico emerges as a strategic destination for companies seeking to diversify their operations and minimize risks. With a privileged geographical location and constantly improving infrastructure, the country offers significant advantages for companies looking to establish themselves closer to the U.S. market.

How is Grupo MBS related to these concepts?

Grupo MBS presents itself as a key ally for companies interested in taking advantage of Near Shoring and Soft Landing opportunities in Mexico. With experience and knowledge of the local market, they offer comprehensive advice in key areas such as legal, commercial, and fiscal. From identifying strategic locations to managing administrative procedures, Grupo MBS is committed to providing full support to facilitate the establishment of foreign companies in Mexico.

The future of Near Shoring and Soft Landing

As companies seek to adapt to an ever-changing economic environment, Near Shoring and Soft Landing are expected to continue gaining relevance. Collaboration between countries and companies will be essential to make the most of these opportunities and build more robust and resilient supply chains.

In summary, Near Shoring and Soft Landing represent a new era in the industry, where proximity and collaboration are key to business success. With the right support, companies can capitalize on these emerging trends and open new doors to growth and international expansion.

Dynamics of Near Shoring and Soft Landing

Delve into the evolving strategies of Near Shoring, which focuses on relocating production closer to markets, and Soft Landing, which facilitates market entry for companies venturing into new territories.

Strategic Appeal of Mexico

Explore the growing importance of Mexico as a destination for U.S. companies looking to optimize supply chains amidst pandemic-induced disruptions, leveraging its strategic geographical location and continuously improving infrastructure.

Grupo MBS: A Strategic Partner

Highlight Grupo MBS’s specialized expertise in providing comprehensive support to companies navigating Near Shoring and Soft Landing in Mexico, enabling them to capitalize on emerging opportunities and drive their growth.


Near Shoring is like having your business neighbors just a step away! It’s like moving your office to the next block instead of across the city.

Simply put, it involves relocating part of your operations to nearby countries instead of far-off locations.

It’s like choosing to live in a neighborhood where everyone is close by and there’s always a good business vibe in the air!

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